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RESOURCES for a new paradigm. You don't have to send your child to
a costly private school. Positive parenting will help you to find out
who these kids are and where they DO fit in.  Accelerative teaching
skills help your child at any age.

Learn hands-on-teaching-skills that work NOW!
 Achieve immediate
transformation w
ithout the struggles! Single Mom's, Professional
Teachers redirect child behavior, even teens with an attitude...
Certified Member
“Unlocking the Gifted Student in Your
ADHD Child” by Tom Daly

This is a must have simple powerful program for teachers and
parents who want to help their children but just don’t have
the necessary information.

Tom Daly  has a “different common sense approach”.

Get the benefits of easy teaching techniques for home
and school  that work NOW!   
Order Here

Tom Daly’s motto:  "Only stuff that works!"

Bonuses: ADHD Solutions 5-part reports for parents and teachers

“I can personally endorse this teaching course and have
used it with high-risk youth, foster parents, caseworkers,
single mom’s and struggling parents. This simple common
sense approach to a new way of thinking, teaching and
parenting and is absolutely awesome. My parents were amazed
and my teen group loved it too. This is the only program you will
ever need – guaranteed!”  Webmaster

"The ADHD Solution: How To Turn Any
Disruptive Child Into Your Best Student"
Prove this to yourself. The book and video will guide you into
another dimension of successful teaching.

Bonuses: ADHD Solutions 5-part reports for Teachers

Find out Here
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“Child Anger Revealed”
"Why Not Create A WIN-WIN Situation
For Both You And Your Children?"
Get it

5 Day Mini-Course and get a FREE e-Book!
Bonus #1 : "Parenting Tips for Dads and Moms"
LIMITED Bonus #2 : "How to Identify Possible Stress
LIMITED Bonus #3 : "Tips For Your Child's Safety at

"Who Else Wants to Quickly Find Out Why They
Often Failed Miserably to Handle Their
Aggressive Child's Behavior?"
[And How YOU Don't Need to Be One Of Them!)

"Discover The Simple, Step-by-Step Methods How An Ordinary Mom
Teaches Her Aggressive Child  - ALL About Anger Management!"
Works for Teachers too!
Click Here To Get Your 100% Risk-Free Copy
Child Anger Revealed
Redirecting Children's Behavior -
The Deluxe DVD Home Course

“Don’t have time to read or go to special classes? Then
this is the Course for you.”

For Struggling Parents who just don’t know how…to get
•          Children who cooperate
•        Children who are self-motivated & self-managed
•        Children who promote agreement instead of fight
•        Children who feel loved, secure and empowered
...and much more!
In a few short lessons, you'll see results:
The Deluxe Course includes:
Copy of the
Redirecting Children's Behavior Book
Special Edition Home Course Workbook
Two Hour Video (DVD format)
hosted by hosted by Kathryn
Kvols and Dr. Timothy Jordan.
Packed with easy to learn parenting tools:
A full fourteen lessons are in the video, with live excerpts from
actual Redirecting Children's Behavior parenting classes. Learn
at your own pace!
Bonus #1: Work Yourself Happy Free Download
When you’re happy with yourself you will have happy children!
Bonus #2How to Build Self-Esteem – for You and
Your children – especially those from divorced or broken homes.
Free Download when you ORDER

We know all about how busy life is with a family, so you control when you
view the video lessons and complete the corresponding reading and
workbook exercises. This allows you, the parent, to learn and implement
the RCB principles at your own pace.
Contact your INCAF Instructor and Webmaster Laurel Ann Browne will be
happy to answer any of your questions along your learning journey.

Redirecting Children's Behavior Deluxe
All-in-One Course
Limited Time Only - Order Now at Reduced Sale Price- a
$30.00 Savings!:
Get the Home Study Video course, a retail value of $129.99,
for just
$99.99, and begin your journey to calmer, more
confident parenting!
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