Indigos, ADD/ADHD, Ritalin Generation

By:  Laurel Ann Browne,
The doctor, the school teacher and the therapist have all said “Your child is hyperactive, disruptive; lacks focus and
concentration easily distracted and has become a nuisance”. We recommend a mind mood altering control
substance drug, Methylphenidates (MPH) , most commonly known as Ritalin.  Without considering the potential
dangerous long-term side-effects your child and future generations can be damaged due to chromosome
abnormalities with the increased risk of Cancer later in life. A new study involving the University of Texas M.D.
Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB), has found
that after just three months, 12 out of 12 children treated for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with the
prescribed drug methylphenidate (a.k.a., MPH, Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Metadate CD and others.) experienced a
threefold increase in levels of chromosome abnormalities.  A 1990 study of the US National Institute of Mental Health
correlated ADD with a series of metabolic imbalances in the brain.  The neurological and psychological damage is
enormous, which also include increased violence, suicide, and depression.  Shouldn’t we all be focusing our
attention on an alternative to pushing dangerous and addictive drugs?
Over 10,000,000 Ritalin prescriptions are filled each year just in the US alone.  In the 1990’s, sales
of these chemicals grew by over 500%.
The big concern is that the ADHD label is often mistakenly applied to individuals who are kinesthetic learners:
creative thinkers who have unique learning styles.  The challenge is not the ability to maintain a specific thought, but
because of a conflict between their learning styles and traditional teaching methods.  These highly advanced souls
just can’t just sit still and listen; they’re  bored, or because of diet and poor nutrition deficiency that cause many
others symptoms of hyperactivity, anxiety, stress and  allergies.  The root cause of our soda pop kids “brain fog” –
lack of mental clarity- can seriously influence their behavior.  Without looking at the whole person (i.e., diet, skills,
beliefs, values, goals, personality tendencies, astrological DNA blueprint (the Natal chart) and properly feeding the
brain targeted-nutrients, you CAN take control again, without drugs.
Synaptol is a quantum leap in the right
direction; it provides the key dietary factors necessary to address all the symptoms of ADHD. These symptoms lead
to underachievement. It has been proven that academic scores improve for most people when they’re given the right
nutritional support and creative mentoring.  There are specialized herbal and nutritional needs for all individuals
Astromedicine: as well as Zodiac sign attributes, constitution, talents and purpose. Teachers see Tom Daly’s
The ADHD Solution for Teachers:
"How to Turn Any Disruptive Child Into Your Best Student” . Tom was diagnosed
with ADHD but a smart Mom and an aware teacher turned him around by recognizing his special abilities. In sixth
grade he was bored with Math, failing and disruptive but his teacher started him tutoring the second grade math
drop-outs.  He has been a profound Professor, Speaker and Writer for the past 12 years and speaks with knowing.
Parents: read “The Indigo Children” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.  See
Alternate Schooling for Indigo children
which will give you a list of alternate Indigo-type schools all over the world including The Montessori school system.  
My child was an early Indigo, hyperactive, now age 32, attended Montessori and he was reading at age 3.  They
specialize in “independent learners” and promote and recognize students, not the system. They are cosmic beings,
unlimited in nature but find themselves in limited bodies.  Indigos will transcend limitations while society learns to
accepts it.  They bring with them the vibration of light to raise our consciousness, change our thinking about
ourselves and constantly strive toward the future with a purpose.  They will always challenge the past in order to
create the future. Always speak to them in terms of POSSIBILITIES and “what will be, can be or waiting to be”.
Rebellious children are making a statement and are highly creative; many are hands-on-learners; visual-learners or
auditory-learners.  Visual learners need to write it down; auditory-learners are good candidates for sleep learning
with CD playing the subject to be remembered while sleeping.   
Hypnosis for the hyperactive child has very positive
results. A learning technique called Word Associations with
Mnemonic Memory Devices helps you to remember large
amounts of material easily and it makes learning fun! (see Article at )
Knowledge is power and with our information news and articles, we wish to share the tools, programs and
understanding you need to take your power back! Children now are the hope for tomorrow and they are awesome.
By: Laurel Ann Browne