Great Tips for Getting Your Kids to Read

No one ever became a worse reader by reading more. This is at least what my mom told me, and what I tell to my
students. However, as any parent knows, it is often a struggle to get children to appreciate the joys of reading.

In today’s fast paced information age, popular children’s book often become blockbuster movies. Free time is often
spent playing video-games, surfing the internet and watching television. Trying to convince youngsters to pick up a
book can become quite a daunting task, but there are some tips parents can use to increase the odds of their
children enjoying the pastime of reading.

Broaden Your Horizons

While books are of course the preferred format, parents must remember that there are many different kinds of
things their children may enjoy reading. Comic books tend to have loyal fans with their serialized storylines.  
Magazines Subscriptions make a great gift for kids as there are many different subjects and categories to choose
from, and youngsters will like receiving their very own mail every month. For the student who likes current events
reading the newspaper regularly may pique their interest.

Read With Your Kids

Not everyone has the time to read a bed time story, and as children age this is less likely to occur. Bed time stories
are a great way to spend quality time with children, and as they age they can begin to read to you.

For older children, periodically read the same books or magazines concurrently. It will create the opportunity to show
that there is an interest in what it is that they are doing, and create opportunities for stimulating conversation.

Visit the Bookstore/library

It is astounding at the sheer number of books in the library. Many book store chains have started to open up super
sized stores. They are able to stock a wide variety of volumes for every interest imaginable. Spend a lazy afternoon
perusing the aisles. Kids will enjoy the travel books, photography books featuring their favorite celebs or animals,
and more. There is absolutely so much to see, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

Though it is never too late to establish a love affair with the written word, the sooner you get your child reading the
easier it will be. Don’t expect Chaucer overnight but a more fluent and confident reader will likely seek out more
challenging and lengthier tomes eventually. Remember to pay attention to your child’s interest and your child will be
imagining distant lands such as Narnia in no time at all.
Great Tips for Getting Your Kids to Read
By Lisa James