CPR 4 Parents! Redirect
Children's Behavior
By:  Laurel Ann Browne

The Mnemonic Memory Devices are
word associations to help you memorize large
amount of material. This is a great tool for all kids, but especially for children who  
“can’t sit still”; the hyperactive child who has sometimes been diagnosed with ADHD.  
Learning isn’t fun to them and the resistance is usually because of a short attention
span or a lack of interest in the subject information. They act bored and disinterested
because they learn differently than others. When the Mnemonic Memory Method is
introduced to children, it makes learning not only more fun and creative, but is not
boring! These word associations can be used on any subject and is any type of made
up saying that triggers information you want to remember. Medical and Law students
rely on these techniques all the time. The rule of thumb is “If you want someone to
remember something long term, then tell a joke about it, sing a song about it or tell a
story around it”. When it comes to Mnemonic Memory Devices, it’s the saying that
stays in your long term memory banks. Students sometimes have to remember and
learn subjects they’re not interested in just to get a passing grade. When you
prepare to learn something new using this method will help you to remember for oral
or written presentations. You need to think
W.E.T. You need to associate the right words , emotions and timing. This ensures
recall of a batch of information. The brain acts like an internet search engine. You can
easily retrieve otherwise hard to remember information. You might be asked to list
the order of events of the Civil War. You could study many books about the subject
and commit it to memory somehow, but you will not remember it long-term. And if you’
re taught the following saying:
“Four Bulls Ate Everything That Vicky Grew,”, and
repeat it a few times verbally;
draw a picture of Four Bulls Eating Everything Vicky
Grew, then you will remember that phrase. This translates into a chronological order
of events of the Civil War.
Four: Fort Sumpter, the first shot’s in the Civil War
Bulls: The first major battle of the Civil War
Ate: Antietam, the bloodiest battle in Civil War history with 20,000 casualties
Everything: The Emancipation Proclamation in which Lincoln abolished slavery.
Vicky: The battle of Vicksburg, which controlled the Missippi River for the North
Grew: The Gettysberg Address, four score and seven years ago…
Now when you think of the history of the
Civil War you will instantly recall: “Four
Bulls  Ate Everything that Vicky Grew
”, and you will never forget it. Mnemonic
Memory Devices are also perfectly suited for geography, among other topics. The
West Coast uses “
Cow Can Can”  California, Oregon, and Washington up the coast.
California, Arizona, New Mexico – to the East, California, Arizona, Nevada – up top.
Kid’s love these sayings and they love to develop their own too. When learning about
the states around New Jersey, use:
"New Jersey Cows Run In The Mud".
Translating to:
New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts. In teaching the
Great Lakes, start with Lake Superior on the left, think of “Super Man Helps Every
. It’s properly directional (left to right). Lake, Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake
Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Onterio.

This method was tested by Tom Daley, author of “Unlocking the Gifted Student in Your
ADHD Child”. He gave his students a blank map of the US. The average student
correctly labeled six states: California, Florida, TX and usually three other states they
visited. After using the Mnemonic Memory Method for 2 weeks, using just 5 states a
day, the average student identified 48 of the 50 states…many, many of these
students were ADHD. One creative student raised his hand and asked “Do you know
how to memorize the nine planets?” Coming up with his own creative
word associations, “My Very Easy Method Just Set Up  Nine Planets.” Of course, they
were Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Is this
kid, scientific or does he just have a creative imagination. This method will help him for
his entire life, no matter what the subject. ADHD children respond very well to this
simple method of learning. It helps eliminate the distractibility factor. Kids easily tune
into the funny sayings, they’ll better retain educational material, and they will
Laurel Ann has been a Life Strategy Coach, Counselor, Teacher, Writer and Speaker for 30
years working with high-risk youth and families introducing innovative ways of learning.  
She shares non-traditional methods of learning to all parents, foster parents and